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October 2021
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Getting a drivers license in SH
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Posted by: Alan @ 1:55 pm

I followed the instructions below to get my drivers license in Shanghai.  It’s like a wild goose chase just to get the test date scheduled.  I go in today to take it.  I’ve scanned the test guide

[Update]  Yay, I passed the test.  The hardest part is getting to the station.  Takes forever with all the traffic.  My appointment was at 2:50 and I left at 2 thinking the roads would be pretty clear at that time of day, but it still took 40 minutes.  I took the metro because the station is right around the corner from the traffic regulations office and I couldn’t find a cab, but that took over an hour, including the long walk home from the line #1 station - but the weather here is finally warming up so it was a pleasant walk and I was inordinately proud of myself for completing this seemingly simple task.

So the test is on a computer but they do jumble up the order of the questions so you can’t just memorize the answers in order.  I seemed to think they may have even jumbled the order of the answers within a question but maybe not.  Once you past 90 correct answers, the test stops.  You then go downstairs to pay your 55RMB for the license, go back up and wait like at a bank teller, and then - voila - you get your very own Chinese drivers license.

The translation of the test guide has some funny stuff in it like “zebra crossing” for “pedestrian crosswalk.”  I thought it was the translator making a joke at first.  #15c is hilarious:

15. Before driving motor vehicles, drivers….
a. may drink a little alcoholic drinks
b. must not drink alcoholic drinks
c. are only allowed to drink beer

Most of the test answers are expressly not followed by 90% of the drivers on the road.  In fact, I can see many of the test takers being confused by what seem very legit answers like “drivers may smoke when tired” and “a running vehicle should speed up, not letting the vehicle behind to overtake, when it finds another vehicle behind it signaling to overtake.”

1 set of instructions fowarded to me by my friends:

Address: qingcun lu 179
Phone: 6498-7070
Directions: subway #1
xinzhuang station, switch to #5 cunsen lu (or
take cab)
hours: mon-fri
no reservations; just show up– if pass the written test, can get
same day
[Alan: not true anymore I think.  My test date had to be scheduled.  Also the test is on a computer.]

We need four
temporary residence certificate (he said different from work visa– it has to be
like a “work permit” that is in your passport; easiest is the yellow slip that i
[Alan: You have to go to the local police station/registration office and bring your passport and a copy of it, and a copy of your lease or deed to prove you live there.]
- original drivers
- certified
translation of drivers license
56660545 rmb60 dongtiyuhua lu 100 nong #3; 8:30-4:30
63233608 rmb50 nanjinglu #66;
9-4:30 (minus lunch hour)

Another set:





went to applied for a conversion last week at
Qingchun Road

If you follow the procedure well, it will be a breeze.


You need to first go to building 11 counter 1 for application
form filling (they will key the information into computer and give you a printed
form) and photo shoot. You need to pay RMB40 for that.


Next, medical check at the room next door. You need to pay RMB60.

They will issue you 2 forms. Paste your photo onto one of the form and
another on the earlier printed form. Fill in the particulars
[Alan: Form in Chinese so act dumb, and ask them to help you fill it in.  If you’re Chinese and speak Chinese but don’t read and write, apologize profusely for being so ignorant and illiterate]. and queue for eye
sight test and hearing test. You will get the report on the spot.


Go to building no8 room 200 for the conversion.


You will need the following documents:

Application form (The earlier mentioned printed form)

Medical report

Photocopy and original copy of your passport and driving license.

A translation of your driving license (I actually got a free
translation from the counter while the officer process my application)


They will give you the examination date (about 7-9 days later [I must’ve been lucky and got it 2 days later]) and a
booklet on the highway code.


It probably take 1 hour for the whole process.


It doesn’t make sense to pay the agent as you have to go through the
process. He can’t be taking the medical exam on your behalf.


On the actual exam date, you have to go through the exam.


No matter what, you have to go down there twice.


You can take line one to XinZhuang change line 5 to Chun Shen station and
take a cab(RMB 11)

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