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October 2021
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8 Hours in Sydney
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Posted by: Alan @ 10:04 pm

I am in Sydney for the PayPal APAC Leaders meeting.

Sydney Walking Tour Pictures 

I came early to enjoy the beautiful city
since it’s such a long flight, and ML and Kyle are in Hawaii anyway.
  I left my apartment at noon, arrived in Singapore at
7pm, and enjoyed a great soba salmon salad and beer at the micro-brewery in the
great Changi airport.  I casually walked
up to my gate, only to find my flight wasn’t there anymore!  After much confusion, I realized I read my
connecting flight time wrong – it turns out 20:00 is not 10pm!!  Arghh, I missed my flight!  Thank god Singapore airlines is awesome and
they got me on the next flight out at 12:30am. 
I had to practice the Power of Now to not totally stress out.


And the Power of Now was right.  The stress was totally in my head.  Whether I stressed or not wouldn’t make me
get on the flight I missed, nor would it help my chances to get on a future
flight.  Staying calm, using my mind as a
tool (e.g., go to Singapore Airlines desk and ask politely for help), and
accepting the consequences (in this case it was good – “Please wait 2 more
hours in the lounge Mr. Tien”) was the best way to handle the situation.


I arrived in Sydney by 10am and got to the Shangri-La by
  My room has a view of the Harbor Bridge
(pic 1)!  The helpful concierge Shane
directed me to The Rocks for lunch.  I
enjoyed a great gyro at Dare (to eat responsibly, is their motto) café on a
cool but sunny day. 

Then I walked through the flea market and
watched in amazement as Darren Germain spray-painted incredible “space
  I asked him to make a custom one
for me – pic 4 shows him with a blank canvas above a similar spray-painting,
and pic 5 is the finished product.  See
this YouTube video to get a sense of how he did it.  It was awesome!


After the high of buying a cool sci-fi art
piece (since I love science fiction so much), I walked to Sydney Cove.
  I love my pic of the bird with the haloed
sign “This is Freedom” in back (the Biennale art festival is at the Museum of Contemporary Art).  Very adventurously, I took an extremely
enjoyable ferry-ride to Darling
Harbor.  There, I walked around the mall Harbourside Shopping Center for a long time,
eventually getting a “short black” (espresso shot) and a macadamia brownie.  Yum. 


Cravings covered, I took the monorail
through its entire loop – about half an hour.
It shoud’ve been a nice view of the city centre but it was raining.  Nevertheless, it was enjoyable (my practicing
the Power of Now?). 


I then walked over to Star
City, the casino right in Sydney!
  I watched all the games but didn’t play
anything.  Hungry, I walked back to
Harbourside but didn’t find anything to my liking.  I walked around to the other side of Darling Harbor
to Cockle Bay Wharf
– my back started hurting by then. 
During the walk, I saw that The Dark Knight was playing on IMAX!  It was sold out for the night, so I bought
tickets for tomorrow.  It’s going to be
awesome!  I finally settled on Blackbird
Café for some fish & chips, but it was disappointing.  If I’m going to eat deep fried food, it
should be really really good!


Rather stupidly, I walked all the way back
to Shangri-La, stopping in Max Brenner’s chocolate bar for some soy hot
chocolate to give my aching back a rest.


Whew, what a jam-packed day!  The advantages of traveling alone.

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